Salone del Mobile 2016

I will be exhibiting the Happaratus project in the POETRY exhibition at Milan design week, 12-17 April 2016. Come and have a chat with me if you plan to visit!

About the exhibition

What happens when poetry meets design?
When images of the future are seen through an idiosyncratic andoriginal lens?Faced with the complexity of modern art, the design world tends to seek certainty and comfort. Producing, as a result,reassuring uniformities and unvarying expectations. Landscapes, environments, behaviours, democratic and functional objects that feed desire yet fail to surprise and oftenleave us cold.

They lack the transgressive energy of a détournement.
Or a stroke of originality bringing with it the power of poetry.

Poetry (from the Greek ποίησις, poiesis) meaning the creation of something different, something new. Cultured or folkloristic. Outside canon and convention. The exhibition uses the metaphor of the syllabary – from “A” for Ambient to “Z” for Zeitgeist – to encourage us to see, speak, build and act out a world innervated with poetry in 21 projects.

This opens potential new scenarios combining symbolic or material dimensions with critical discourse, utopian vision, sensitive experience and idealistic reflection. The aim being to reveal a simple truth.

Witout poetry, there can be no design.

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