A dialogue between Tauno Tarna and myself

.. A wonderful experience yesterday evening! I was invited to play a card game with Finnish design legend and lifetime achievement award winner Tauno Tarna at the Danish ambassadors residence in Helsinki. Photo credits to Avotakka who helped arrange the event with Helsinki Design Week

From helsinkidesignweek.com: This new event by Helsinki Design Week takes you into diplomatic circles! A series of evening discussions enters ambassadors’ homely residencies that only few of us have been allowed to see. Each night, one design professional from the hosting country meets a Finnish designer in a new card game.

Playful, intelligent questions challenge both the speakers and the audience. In addition to discussions that last for about half an hour, you will learn interesting details about unique residencies and their architecture over a glass of wine. How many ambassadors have lived in the apartment? How does the place reflect its history and use?


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