CPH Urban Toilet

CPH Urban Toilet



Commissioned by the municipality of Copenhagen, the CPH Urban Toilet is a sanitary solution designed for areas with a higher-than-average concentration of drug abusers and vagrants. The toilet stands out amongst other public toilets, as it blurs the borders between outside and inside – It’s creating a safe place for sanitary use, without creating a place of residence.

Furthermore, the Urban Toilet is designed with emergency situations in mind, making it easy for paramedics to extract a collapsed person from under the doors. The toilet is also a lot lighter, simpler, smaller and cheaper to install and maintain than other public toilets, making it an attractive solution for cities around the world. Its simplicity has created the opportunity of seasonal use, making it attractive to install on beaches and in parks around Copenhagen during the summer.

The CPH Urban toilet is a collaborative project between UiWE and Sara Nanna.

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