30th of June 2015
Happaratus on BBC and Al-jazeera


23rd of June 2015
Happaratus exhibited at the RCA Graduation show
23 June 2015 to 5th July 2015 | 12 – 6pm


28th of January 2015
Our second year group project CUESCAPE is exhibited in the Royal College of Art’s, Work in Progress show
29 January 2015 to 1 February 2015 | 10am – 5pm


23rd of October 2014
A new version of the ICEROWER is exhibited as part of the School of Design Engineering launch. Come see it in the Imperial College Foyer, from 23rd to 29th of October 2014.


8th of May 2014
The ICEROWER is exhibited at Imperial College Festival, from 8th to 11th of May 2014. link


24th of April 2014
The ICEROWER is exhibited at RioTinto Head office in Paddington, London.


15th of March 2014
Going to Isreal to do a 3-week project with Bedouin rug weavers.


30th of October 2013
Featured in a book called “European Product Design”.


30th of September 2013
Started MA/Msc Innovation Design Engineering at Royal College of Art. Now based in London!


8th of July 2013
Started a new job at danish manufacturer BERG Engineering.


6th of March 2013
Figaro was featured in french lifestyle magazine Vivre Côté Paris. n°25.


12th of February 2013
Featured on CreativityDecoded


22nd of January 2013
Small interview in this months issue of Design Bureau magazine.


1st of January 2013
Thank you all for a great year! I wish everyone all the best for 2013!


14th of November 2012
Trio is a new couch table concept. Check it out here!


12th of November 2012
Second project for UiWE published. Introducing CPH Urban Toilet.


20th of June 2012
Working on a new concept for the living room. No fancy 3D this time, as the concept will be realised as a handcrafted prototype. Stay tuned!

edit 14th of November: Here is the Trio coffee tables


29th of May 2012
First project for UiWE published! Take a look at Simple P here.


16th of May 2012
Now hired by UiWE. Starting Monday.


14th of April 2012
Starting a new internship! This time it’s 4 weeks at UiWE who specializes in urban design and architecture.


1st of March 2012
Moving back to Copenhagen after 18 months in Eindhoven. Many thanks to Philips for having me!


13th of January 2012
Graduated! can now add ‘B.Eng. Integrated Design’ to my signature.



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