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Date: January 15, 2015


Cuescape analyses, interprets and visualises body language in order to create an overall assessment of subconscious intention and attitude. Using a combination of depth cameras, our system picks up on detailed hand gestures, as well as the overall posture of the body.
Our software then produces generative maps that encode this rich information communicated by the body, and the potential interpretation that goes along with it. This graphical representation of body language is an entirely new way of visualising and understanding non-verbal communication.

The importance of body language is immense – a huge amount of meaning can be conveyed through this non verbal communication. But how aware are we of our own body language? Many of these gestural cues go unnoticed, either because they are too subtle or too numerous to take into account. Cuescape is the first tool that allows you to visualise body language. You can stand in front of it and practice a speech, and in real time it will record and analyse how your non verbal communication is coming across. This information is displayed in our Cuescape maps – rich graphical representations of how you were speaking, that can be reviewed after your performance and used to better choreograph the way you hold yourself.


Data opportunities

We were also interested in exploring how our Cuescape system can be used to disrupt traditional media. We took a famous scene from The Godfather, and analysed the body language to create a new type of encoded media. From the map, it is possible to see the overall sternness of the actor, punctuated by animated gestures of tension and emotion. This was transformed into a physical landscape, with the texture and movement allowing the reader to run their hands down the slope and gain an understanding of the non verbal communication in the scene.

 groenningme_cuescape_brialle A visual- and a tactile map generated from a scene in the Godfather scene.

How a map is generated.

Visual and tactile map generated from the Godfather movie.


Iulia Ionescu
Wai Chueng
Ming Kong
Morten Grønning

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