Project Details

Client: Self initiated

Date: July 27, 2015


Happaratus, is a ‘power-glove’ that makes it possible to shape and sculpt hard materials such as wood or stone with your hands. The haptic power-tool is developed in close collaboration with
artisans and craft experts from various disciplines, and sculptor David Neat used a Happaratus prototype to create 'grinlings', a series of beautiful wooden objects

The journey featured a series of conceptual experiments and mechanical explorations that helped uncover the potential for disrupting existing tools and work flows. The result puts the maker in direct contact with the material, investigates the changing nature of the objects we create, and explore how the new opportunities would manifest themselves in contemporary craft.


Below are photographs of Sculptor David Neat working with one of the early prototypes.

Crafted objects

I investigated Happaratus’ effect in different materials like softwoods, plaster, limestone, concrete and hard-foams.
Below are some of the objects created with Happaratus.

In the media

The project has been featured in mainstream media providers such as BBC, Al-Jazeera, SKY News and Dezeen.

Happaratus on Al-jazeera

BBC Interview

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