Project Details

Client: MetroXpress Denmark

Date: June 5, 2015

These newspaper racks are designed for MetroXpress Denmark as part of my work for DECONA. The project is the result of a long and extensive exploration of usability, shape, locations and durability.
We explored rack designs for different indoor- and outdoor spaces and the racks below are the final product, which now serves as an integrated element in the Danish subway system.


We started by developing numerous concept variants for different locations.


Selected concepts were realised to get initial feedback and approval from client & users.


Two concepts made it into production. One for the danish subway system and one for bus stops in and around Copenhagen.


Alternative concept

Below are renderings that show an alternative proposal for the danish subway.


Outdoor concepts

We investigated designs of outdoor racks that would protect the newspapers from wind and rain. A lot of time was spent considering how to make the newspapers visible and accessible, without exposing them too much to the natural elements.

 DSC00857 rend2

Bus stop concept

As a spin-off project we developed a paper rack that is easily retrofit on bus stops in Copenhagen, Aalborg and Århus. The project was realised and many bus stops are now equipped with these add-on racks.

Indoor concept

Indoor versions of an MX rack were also explored for different spaces. One of the ideas was to have racks in cafes, but to do that, MX needed a rack design that would fit within their interiors. Therefore we started looking at using other materials and finishes such as smoked oak and matte black powder coatings to create racks that would accommodate the strict needs of contemporary cafés and restaurants.

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